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Florida Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closing Services

A residential real estate closing occurs when a person or persons purchase a home, condominium, or another of a single-family dwelling. The home may be bought from an individual seller, developer, or banking institution. A commercial real estate closing occurs when a person or business purchases a property that will be used for commercial or business purposes. At Pure Title Company, we are well-versed in handling residential and commercial closings smoothly and professionally, which leaves our clients satisfied with our work product and the results they receive.

Residential Closings in Florida

As a residential closing is more than likely the most significant transaction the buyer and seller will ever be a part of, it is imperative they are kept informed of the closing status and that the process moves as smoothly as possible. 

How We Ensure A Smooth Closing Process

Our company prides itself on providing an untroubled closing. Some of the ways we are able to accomplish this include:

  • Maintaining an open line of communication with all parties to a closing transaction, including the buyer, seller, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, and attorneys
  • Immediately notify all parties of any unexpected changes
  • Thoroughly reviewing the title search and clearing any encumbrances before the day of closing
  • By scheduling the closing at a time and location convenient to all parties
  • Utilizing up-to-date technology
  • Conferring with our sister law firm, Schultz Law Group, when legal issues arise
  • Handling loans with multiple types of funding sources, including private lenders, commercial banks, FHA loans, and VA loans
  • Keeping all parties informed of what documentation and funds will be required on the day of closing

Commercial Closings in Florida

Commercial closings occur when a property is sold for a predetermined business objective, and they can be extremely intricate. Therefore, it is crucial the title company involved in these transactions be familiar with how they operate and what is required to ensure a clear title is passed from seller to buyer. 

The Intricacies of Commercial Real Estate Closings

There are distinctive features of commercial closings that will not be observed in other types of closings, such as residential. This includes the following aspects:

  • In addition to the typical parties present at a residential closing, it is not uncommon for a commercial closing to be attended by board members, corporate members, and assigned signors
  • Commercial closings require adherence to zoning requirements and additional assessments not required in transactions involving residential properties
  • Commercial closings involve the preparation and execution of additional documents, including an Assumption of Lease, Assignments, and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings

Closing Services in Florida That Bring You Peace Of Mind

Our goal at Pure Title Company is to provide sellers and purchasers with a worry-free closing experience that respects their time and financial resources and results in an exchange of property with a title free of encumbrances. 

If you are buying or selling a property, contact our offices to schedule a consultation so we can bring you the peace of mind that results from a Pure Title Company closing.


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